14-16 octobre 2015 : Food Heritage and Culinary Practices

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes pour participer au Symposium international et inter-disciplinaire organisé par le projet PALIM : s’inscire ici.

Présentation: We propose to bring together researchers from all fields around the core theme of cooking in order to collectively understand the construction process of food heritage. Specific combinations of ingredients and techniques, from daily, festive or professional cooking, allow achieving textures, flavors, aromas and aesthetics peculiar to a social or cultural group. We wish to combine different approaches to reach this global awareness. We will engage physicists, chemists and biologists, who work on ingredients, their origins, their properties, their processing, their impact on physiology and health, along with anthropologists, sociologists, geographers, historians, archaeologists who work on terroir, food processing techniques, old and modern recipe books, consumption patterns, representations, cultural expressions, identity and, of course, heritage.

Télécharger le programme :ici.

Cette conférence est sponsorisée par Sorbonne Universités et par le Muséum Nationale d’Histoire Naturelle.

mnhn sorbonne universités



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