Project members

Coordination board:

Dr. Charles-Edouard de Suremain, Scientific coordinator (Anthropologist)

is Senior Researcher at PALOC (IRD-MNHN). He is a specialist on food and nutrition, with a particular emphasis on childhood. He is currently working on the construction of local food heritage in Latin America (Mexico, Peru and Bolivia), and Africa (Congo, Mali). He belongs to the Editorial Board of the online journal Anthropology of Food and the Bulletin de l’InstitutFrançaisd’ÉtudesAndines. Apart from being the coordinator of the project, he will study the construction of the gastronomic routes in Mexico and analyze their linkage with issues of development in different localities.

Dr. Raúl Matta, coordinator of Axe 2  (Sociologist)

is a post-doc fellow of the University of Göttingen (Germany), researcher associated with UMR PALOC. He has carried-out preliminary work related to this project during a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at (FU-Berlin &Ibero-AmerikanischesInstitut). In this framework, Matta has conducted critical research on the cultural, social and economic impact of food heritage politics in Latin America, focusing on the construction of Peruvian food as cultural heritage and its link with local development strategies to be implemented mostly in the hinterlands. The outputs of this research have influenced FOODHERIT, as they outline the main research issues involving food heritagization and develop the first lines of thought to build the proposed project.

Dr. Esther Katz, coordinator of Axe 3 (Anthropologist)

is Senior Researcher at PALOC (IRD-MNHN). She has worked on indigenous food systems and on the use of food plants in Brazil and Mexico. She belongs to the Editorial Board of the journal Anthropology of Food and of the Mexican journal Etnoecológica. She will go on studying indigenous food systems in Mexico and Brazil and examine their visibility or invisibility, their actual or potential heritagization and the link to identity issues.

Other participants:

Dr. Sarah Bak-Geller (Historian)

is Associate professor at the Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IIA-UNAM) and a member of the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT). She obtained her doctorate in social history in 2011 at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Her main research interests include the social construction of domestic spaces, the circulation of both oral culinary traditions and cookbooks (XVII – XIX centuries), and the construction of culinary nationalisms in Latin America.

Mélissa Cornuel (Anthropologist)

is a PhD student at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. She is a member of UMR 208 PALOC (IRD/MNHN) and an associated member of LESC. After a preliminary research on community-based tourism, and intangible cultural heritage in a local NGO of the Peruvian Andes, her PhD will focus on the heritagization of food within development programs throughout Peru.

Dr. Chantal Crenn (Anthropologist)

is Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux III and Research Associate at CNRS (EA 6294 and UMI 3189). She has worked on food practices of Sub-Saharan migrants in the region of Bordeaux, on the heritagization of vineyards in the same region and currently carrying a study on fast-foods in collaboration with Dr. Hassoun in Senegal.

Dr. Julia Csergo (Historian)

is Professor of the Department of Urban and Tourism Studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She has edited and authored several books on the history of food and gastronomy and was responsible of the application of the ‘gastronomic meal of the French’ to the UNESCO ICH List. As one of the scientific coordinators of dossier of the application for the listing of ‘the gastronomic meal of the French’ as Intangible Cultural Heritage, her support will be invaluable to FOODHERIT.

Dr. Pascale de Robert (Anthropologist)

has conducted and conducts research in Brazil on the following topics: social representations of nature, biodiversity and agro-diversity, valorisation of local knowledge, geographical indications and territorial identities.

Dr. Mathias Faurie (Geographer)

is a post-doctoral research fellow in the FoodHerit ANR programm. He studies the spatial construction of traditions. His postdoctoral research deals with the consequences of public policies concerning traditional activities, in particular their impact on the truffle as a gastronomic heritage and on truffle culture in France. Is the territorial focus of such policies an obstacle to innovation and to the adaptation of the profession to transformations in its social and bioclimatic environment ?

Dr. Marie Fleury (Ethnobotanist)

is member of the scientific committee of the Guyana Amazon Park. She has achieved an inventory of all the plants of the Maroni River used by the Wayana and Maroon communities for food and medical purposes, and is currently working on its updating.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Hassoun (Sociologist and anthropologist)

is Research Director at CNRS (IRIS-EHESS). He is a specialist on sociology of migration and ethnicity issues related to migration, as well as on economic sociology, on anthropology of food and on anthropology of taste.

Dr. Xavier Medina (Anthropologist)

is Academic Director of Food Systems, Culture and Society program at UniversitatOberta de Catalunya (Spain). His main fields of research include: anthropology of food, food and wine tourism and social and ethnic identities. He has undertaken fieldwork in Spain (Basque Country, Catalonia), Hungary (Budapest, Tokaj), Argentina and Zimbabwe (Matabeleland), and has edited and authored several books on Food Studies. He is currently Chairperson of ICAF-Europe, European Section of the International Commission of Anthropology of Food (ICAF).

Dr. Jean-Pierre Poulain (Sociologist)

is one of the most renowned specialists on the sociology of food and Food Studies in Europe. He is professor of sociology at the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail. He is director of ISTHIA (Institutsupérieur du tourisme, de l’hôtellerie et de l’alimentation), holds the chair « Food Studies: Food, Cultures and Health” at the Taylor’s University of Kuala Lumpur, and is director of the research group TAS (Tourisme, Alimentation, Santé) at CERTOP (CNRS). Professor Poulain will act as the project consultant and contribute to the transfer of the project outputs to academia.

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